Each process requires great attention in order to reach the highest possible quality by employing the best materials on the market: starting from the fabrics, made of extra fine New Zealand merino wool, superfine Egyptian cotton and Irish linen, and components such as cupro, silk, camel hair, horsehair, corozo and mother-of-pearl.


All items are entirely handmade, as was done by master dressmakers in the past, which means that each step of the tailoring process is carried out without the use of any machinery. Starting from pattern drafting, to fabric cutting, to sewing and finishing. Crafting a bespoke suit may take a professional tailor up to 80 hours of work.


Care and attention to details are necessary to provide an exclusive service, which also entails a positive relationship with clients. Therefore, your professional tailor will go directly to your house, wherever it may be located, to guarantee the best comfort and discretion. The same conditions can be recreated in the atelier by booking an appointment.


Each garment is realized to satisfy your needs and expectations. All garments are made using a custom-made pattern based on your body measurements. The final product will be unique and will fit you just perfectly.


Luca Gallotto was born and raised in the area around the city of Biella, famous worldwide for its wools and fine fabrics. He graduated from a vocational high school for the textile sector, and later got a university degree in architecture. Being fond of tailoring, he decided to dedicate his entire life to it by learning its technique in one of the most prestigious tailoring houses in Turin. After a few years, he opened his own atelier in Turin city centre, where he is now well known and widely appreciated. As of today, he cooperates with influential figures both in Italy and abroad. As of now, he also provides regular consultations to some of the most prominent international fashion houses.

I select and use the finest fabrics

First-class fabrics, made by prestigious companies in Biella by using the world’s finest fibres.


The tailoring process leading up to the realization of a bespoke suit is long and complex, especially when it is entirely handmade. It begins with the selection of the right fabric and design, then it is on to getting your initial measurements, drafting the pattern and cutting the chosen fabric. At this point, the garment will be ready for the first fitting, after which the tailor will proceed with suit alterations and, finally, the fitting and delivery.

Pure craftsmanship for a unique product


Luca Gallotto was awarded various prizes as crowning achievement for his excellent work and relentless efforts: he received the first prize Forbici d’Oro for the Piedmont Region and the second prize National Forbici d’Oro for Italy.


Consultancies and collaborations with the most famous fashion houses have marked the turning point for his professional career, and were the confirmation of his exceptional talent.