Luca Gallotto was born and raised in the area around the city of Biella, famous worldwide for its wools and fine fabrics. He graduated from a vocational high school for the textile sector, and later got a university degree in architecture. Being fond of tailoring, he decided to dedicate his entire life to it by learning its technique in one of the most prestigious tailoring houses in Turin.

After a few years, he opened his own atelier in Turin city centre, where he is now well known and widely appreciated. As of today, he cooperates with influential figures both in Italy and abroad.

As of now, he also provides regular consultations to some of the most prominent international fashion houses.


Luca Gallotto was awarded two prestigious prizes among others, namely:
– first prize Forbici d’Oro for the Piedmont Region
– second prize National Forbici d’Oro for Italy*

By winning awards, Luca received financial support, as well as valid personal and professional gratification. They are the crowning achievement of his professional career and the confirmation that Luca is doing a great job by promoting values such as excellence and high quality. His relentless efforts, dedication and research are now bearing fruits. Professional bespoke tailoring requires lifelong learning, humbleness, openness to new ideas and readiness to adopt new points of view.

* “Forbici d’Oro” is a national competition awarding a prize every two years to a master tailor doing business on the whole national territory. Winners are selected according to their excellent competences, unique style, technical skills, creative mind and formal rigor in bespoke tailoring, which is the ultimate expression of high-value craftsmanship.


Numerous cooperations and consultations with famous fashion houses are proof of the excellent service that we provide: working with world class fashion houses was a turning point in Luca’s career, who left a significant imprint in the custom tailoring business.

Such an extraordinary craftsmanship comes with a great responsibility: to pass down the unique competences and talent required for this profession.

As of today, very few professional tailors possess an across-the-board set of skills for all the steps involved in the production of a bespoke suit: the knowledge of fabrics, the ability to communicate with clients, to value their strengths and hide their weaknesses, and the mastering of technical tailoring procedures.